Balinese Style Garden

The owners of this small narrow townhouse garden needed advice on their rear garden. Being long and narrow with a tiny deck too small for a table and chairs and a lawn that was difficult to maintain and always too wet, the garden needed better decking and planting to liven up the area.

Murdock Garden Before Photos 1web.jpg            Murdoch After Photos 2 web.jpg

Decking was designed to utilize the whole area giving plenty of space for alfresco dining and entertaining, doing away with the lawn completely.

The diagonal design of the deck makes the space feel larger while blurring the boundaries, helping create a greater sense of space.

Murdock Garden Before Photos 3 web.jpg            Murdoch After Photos 4 web.jpg

Small pockets of lush planting disguise the corners and long lengths of obtrusive timber retaining walls.

Murdock Garden Before Photos 5 web.jpg            Murdoch After Photos 6 web.jpg

The lush Balinese style planting help give the garden a sense of privacy and enclosure, as well as being low maintenance.

Murdock Garden Before Photos 16 web.jpg            Murdoch After Photos 17 web.jpg

Although small the garden is zoned into areas of different uses such as morning tea under the pergola, barbeques in the evening and alfresco dining during the day.

Murdock Garden Before Photos 20 web.jpg            Murdoch After Photos 21web.jpg

Focal points are used to draw the eye through the garden and typify the Balinese theme.

Murdoch After Photos 23 web.jpg          Murdoch After Photos 24 web.jpg          Murdoch After Photos 10 web.jpg          

No lawns to mow, just sit back and enjoy a taste of Bali in your own backyard.