Contemporary Villa Garden

Caroline Wesseling landscapes have been involved with this garden for over 10 years.

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In the beginning Caroline was contracted to carry out the on going garden maintenance for the busy household. This progressed to an initial landscape design to incorporate the above ground pool and deck, rear garden with screening trees and cottage gardens for the front entry and separate cottage on the road side boundary.

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A start was made on the cottage garden but as time went by the needs, desire and circumstances of the family changed leading to a different approach on the renovation of the garden. A simple contemporary theme was established with emphasis on a clipped tidy look for the property.

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The pool was eventually rotated on the property to allow for a better connection to the house giving more space for a neat and tidy back lawn.

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With all the changes the gardening team carried on with the garden maintenance helping out with planting when required and generally fitting in with the new needs of the owners.

We are proud to have been a part of this long term project.