Design Services


 The design process may involve some or all of the following stages:


On site discussion to determine your needs and desires for your property so it becomes a garden that reflects your personality and suits your lifestyle.

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 Site Assessment:

To gather and record site information, assess the sites potential and its constraints.This includes measurements of house and garden, details such as drainage, levels, soil type, views to keep, views to screen, shelter from winds or sun and any trees, plants or structures to be retained.This is all used in preparation of the base plan which is the starting point of the design.

 Concept Plan:

The concept plan is the finalized design for the garden. A scale drawing of all the new elements and structures for your new garden,including the layout of paths, walls, fences, decks or patio's and other design features, as well as the position of garden beds, specimen trees and shrubs. The concept also shows the theme or style of garden.

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 Planting Plan:

The planting plan shows the accurate positioning of plants within the garden design. It incorporates a purchasing guide giving common names and botanical names of the plants, with a brief description and the quantity needed. This plan will make sure you get the right plants in the right place for optimum sunlight and water requirements suitable for that particular plant.

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 Installation of Plants:

 Planting can be carried out once any hard landscaping has been implemented. We can source plants through the trade at very reasonable prices and plant at an affordable hourly rate. We can also re-vamp your existing garden with additional plants. For more information on planting click here

 Ongoing Maintenance:

 Garden maintenance can be done on a regular basis, depending on your needs and budget. For gardening maintenance services click here