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Lawn and garden maintenance


Garden Maintenance

  Gardening all getting too much!

 Need your weekends back?

 As well as design services we also offer a comprehensive range of gardening services.

This includes the ongoing upkeep and maintenance of your existing garden, including weeding, pruning and trimming, fertilising, replanting and garden refuse removal.

 These services can be contracted as a regular ongoing service or as a one-off contract. Hours can be negotiated to fit the size of property and your budget.

 Our gardening team follow a comprehensive garden maintenance programme geared to the seasonal changes within an individual garden.



Garden maintenance

 Specialist areas include:
  •  Rose pruning and fertilising
  • Clipped formal hedges and topiary
  • Cutting back and dividing perennials
  • Pruning of hydrangeas and wisteria vines
  • Fertilising fruit trees, camellias and rhododenrons, roses with specialist fertilisers
  • Composting and mulching
  • Application of Nitrophoka blue
  • Weed spray of difficult paved areas
 Attention to detail and leaving behind an immaculate garden are paramount to the team at Caroline Wesseling Landscapes