Kingsland Villa Upgrade.

Clients had purchased a holiday home, so required an upgrade on their inner city villa that was neat and tidy with low maintenance giving them more time to enjoy the holiday home at the beach.

Their brief was a modern contemporary look but keeping the tradition of this historic villa in Kingsland.

Kingsland Villa Upgrade Before Photo.jpg            Kingsland Villa Upgrade After Photo.jpg

The old picket fence was replaced with a more contemporary white painted timber fence stepped with the slope of the road frontage, a new gate, timber planters; paving and gravel complete the picture.

Kingsland Villa Upgrade 8.jpg            Kingsland Villa Upgrade 3.jpg            Kingsland Villa Upgrade 6.jpg

The Rear garden had been paved with old bricks and had become run down.

Kingsland Villa Rear Garden Upgrade 4.jpg

New contemporary paving and simple square lawn with minimal planting complete the low maintenance picture .

Kingsland Villa Rear Garden Upgrade 6.jpg            Kingsland Villa Rear Garden Upgrade 3.jpg            Kingsland Villa Rear Garden Upgrade 5.jpg