Kiwi-Thai Garden

This suburban garden was designed with a Kiwi-Thai couple in mind. The husband wanted the traditional "Kiwi lawn" while the wife wanted to be reminded of her childhood in Thailand.

A low maintenance solution was found with ample lawn and subtropical planting, as well as totally revitalizing the over grown rear garden with glasshouse and vege garden.

Plain front lawn and straight side entry path. New curved front path and curved gardens create interest on arrival

Kirk Garden Before Photos 003 web.jpg             Kirk Garden Completed 002 web.jpg

Over-powering hedges and plain lawn.New fencing and layers of garden create a pleasing picture.

Kirk Garden Before Photos 004 web.jpg            Kirk Garden Completed 035 web.jpg

Old hedge, trellis and agapanthus clumps. New crisp fencing helps highlight the newly planted Nikau palms

Kirk Garden Before Photos 005 cropped web.jpg           Kirk Garden Completed 019 web.jpg

Flat unintersting lawn . Sweeping oval lawn created for front yard.

Kirk Garden Before Photos 005 web.jpg            Kirk Garden Completed 003 web.jpg

Over-grown front steps. New balastrade and front path with central feature garden

Kirk Garden Before Photos 006web.jpg            Kirk Garden Completed 008 web.jpg

Lawn needs added interest. Central feature of Dypsis baronii palms with grasses, flax and water feature

Kirk Garden Before Photos 007 web.jpg            Kirk Garden Completed 009 web.jpg

Drab corner. New fence, Puka with Miscanthus grasses and Philodendron in foreground.

Kirk Garden Before Photos 009 web.jpg          Kirk Garden Completed 018 web.jpg         
Kirk Garden Completed 011web.jpg          Kirk Garden Completed 015 web.jpg

Philodendron xanadu Ligularia reniformus ( Tractor Seat Plant)

Kirk Garden Completed 021 web.jpg            Kirk Garden Completed 022 web.jpg

Rear garden overgrown with years of overplanting by previous owner, opened up to create a sunny deck and open lawn area with vege garden and glass house.

Kirk Garden Before Photos 013 web.jpg            Kirk Garden Completed 028 web.jpg

Entry into back yard almost impossible Space opened up with alfresco dining.


Rear garden lost in the wilderness. Amazing how much space was gained .

Kirk Garden Before Photos 018 web.jpg            Kirk Garden Completed 031web.jpg

Over-grown corner for washline. Easy access to washline with improved sunshine .

Kirk Garden Before Photos 019 web.jpg            Kirk Garden Completed 030 web.jpg

Hidden glasshouse . Glasshouse and new vege garden with existing apple tree discovered in the "jungle".

Kirk Garden Before Photos 020 web.jpg            Kirk Garden Completed 029 web.jpg

Ugly shady corner. Area spruced up with clean pavers, bark and fruit trees underplanted with shade tolerant plants.

Kirk Garden Before Photos 024 web.jpg            Kirk Garden Completed 032 web.jpg