Planting Plans

Plants are an integral part of any garden, they are the "Soft Furnishings" of the garden and a reflection of the owners personality and style.

Deciding where to place plants is often difficult and getting the right balance between colours and texture can be a complex process and quite duanting.

When producing a planting plan for your garden we cover all the aspects of colour, texture and form to get the right look. At the same time taking into account the growing conditions of each individual plant, an aspect which is often overlooked by the home gardener.

We believe in having "the right plant for the right place"

Below is a list of variables you may have in your own garden. If you are confused as to what to do in your garden contact Caroline on 09 6305504 or email for a planting plan and detailed list of plants with botanical and common names for your garden.

Once the planting plan or schedule is complete we can offer you a quote for supply, delivery and planting to make your garden complete.

Examples of Growing Conditions you may have in your garden:

  • Shady garden -south side of the house or under the trees
  • Full Sun -shade loving plants will hate it here
  • Dry shade -the most difficult area to find plants for, under trees or eves of the house
  • Clay soil -hardy plants for these conditions
  • Boggy soil -water loving marginal plants can make these areas very interesting
  • Windy coastal conditions - many varieties of natives and grasses will suit these conditions
  • Hot dry conditions - consider a Mediterranean style garden or succulents

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