Ellerslie International Flower Show - Silver Award - The Schwarzkopf Garden

Caroline Wesseling Landscapes are proud to announce their first time involvement with the Ellerslie International Flower Show, featuring an outdoor retail garden for Schwarzkopf has resulted in a Silver Medal for 2006.

In March we were invited to submit a proposal for a retail garden for Schwarzkopf New Zealand to promote a new innovative, modern, hair care product range. Caroline Wesseling Landscapes were the successful applicants and have put together the garden and design elements for "The Outdoor Living Room" featuring elements showcasing the Extra Care Total Repair 19 product range.

Garden Objective:

Garden needs to emphasize the qualities of the Total Repair 19 formula by including innovative, modern materials or design aspects to make up the garden.

Schwarzkopf Garden, "An Outdoor Living Space"

ellerslie flower show silver award for schwarzkopf garden.jpgThis modern, innovative, outdoor living space has been designed to emphasize and reflect the qualities ofthe "Extra Care Total Repair 19" range of hair treatment products by Schwarzkopf.

The garden epitomizes the Schwarzkopf values for their new, innovative, smart, futuristic range of home treatment products, designed to cleanse condition, repair and strengthen hair.

The overall look of the garden is minimalist and geometric in nature, using modern, reflective products to showcase the health, shine and strength of hair after using the Schwarzkopf products.

Imagery used:

*Aeonium Schwarzkopf is used to reinforce the brand name

*Zinc-titanium shingles the innovative new product.

*The sofa reinforces the idea of an outdoor room

*Perspex reveals symbolize the windows of the room

*Mirrors symbolize hair care

*Stainless steel the shine of glossy, healthy hair

*Water symbolizes the cleansing and care of hair.

This outdoor space or room is designed to refresh and revitalize after a busy day. The reflective surfaces of Perspex, stainless steel, mirrors and water, symbolize shiny healthy hair.

Schwarzkopf Garden Ellerslie Flower Show.jpg   ellerslie flower show silver award for schwarzkopf garden.jpg   Schwarzkopf Garden looking back over Philippe Starck Sofa.jpg

Schwarzkopf Garden Mirror and Water Sculture by Geoff McConnell.jpg   Schwarzkopf Garden Mirror Reflections.jpg   Schwarzkopf Garden Philippe Starck Sofa.jpg

Schwarzkopf Garden Water Sculpture.jpg  Schwarzkopf Garden close-up of Geoff McConnell Water Sculpture.jpg  Schwarzkopf Garden Aeonium Schwarzkopf and Sofa.jpg  Schwarzkopf Garden Sofa detail.jpg

We are proud to be showcasing the “Extra Care Total Repair 19” range of hair treatment products from Schwarkopf New Zealand at the Ellerslie International Flower Show and are equally proud to be associated with the outdoor products used in the garden.

Schwarzkopf Fountain Websize.jpg“Schwarzkopf Water Sculpture” by Geoff McConnell Caroline Wesseling Landscapes


A tall sculptural vessel formed from highly polished stainless steel, its mirrored surface reflecting the surrounding garden and the viewer. Its flowing form increases as it risers from a narrow base to a curving surface at the top, "evocative of a wave of flowing hair". There is no pond; water bubbles from the top and shimmers down the sculptures surface before magically disappearing into the paving at its base.

Contact Contemporary Water Sculptures

PO Box 7374 Christchurch, www.waterscupltures.co.nz , mob 0274 325 642, fax 03 3798825


“Bubble Club Sofa” by Philippe StarckPhillipe Stark Bubble Club Sofa for Ellerslie Small Web size.jpg


Bubble Club made in mass coloured polyethylene, was the first to introduce this new décor concept, the industrial divan, made completely of plastic material. The large two-seater sofa is characterised by the soft line of its arms which contrast with the very simple and rational style of the back. Also available are an armchair and coffee table. Thanks to its exceptional weather resisitance, all three components are perfectly suited to outdoor use.

“Frog” Coffee Table from the Divetro Collection


Made from single sheet of curved glass and shaped with consummate skill. The purity of design belies its exceptional strength which is achieved through the particular curvature of the thick glass. In various sizes “Frog” makes a bold statement and is available in different colours form milky white to laquer red

For sofa and table contact DE DE CE HOME, 9 Rose Rd, Ponsonby, 09 376 3732, www.dedecehome.com

Tegola Canadese “Zinc Titanium “ Shingles.


A product of choice for creative outdoor design. Any surface can be enhanced using the innovative roofing product of zinc-titanium in the form of a shingle. Its large dimensions. are emphasized by the special zinc clip strips giving a modern, prestigious waterproof clad surface. On contact with the atmosphere zinc-titanium develops a grayish-blue coating: it is for this reason that zinc-titanium is called a “living material”. Also available in copper and suitable for water features.

Available from:

Perimac NZ Ltd, 2/23 Hannigan Drive

Mt Wellington, Auckland, 09 570 6013 or 0800 663854, Fax: 09 570 6014

Slatecrete “Sahara”outdoor pavers.

Enhance your outdoor living room with these stunning coloured concrete pavers ideal for patios, pool surrounds, living areas and commercial projects. Over 100 colour options available to meet your specific colour requirements. Also available in Quarrystone texture.

Contact or visit the showroom:

Slatecrete Paving Ltd, 102 Leonard Rd, Penrose, 09 580-1220, email enquires@slatecrete.co.nz

Cordyline Caruba for Website.jpgCordyline Caruba Black


From exotic New Guinea comes Caruba BLACK, an exciting new foliage plant, rich in colour and more compact in growth compared with other similar Cordylines. Suited to both indoors and outdoors, it creates garden magic in outdoor plantings in tropical and contemporary gardens. The vivid shiny purple-black foliage makes this a stunning feature plant.


Aeonium SchwarzkopfAeonium Schwarzkopf (websize).jpg


From the genus of succulents grown for there striking rosettes of bright green or blue-green sometimes purple leaves this black shrub form of Aeonium makes a wonderful architectural plant adding all year interest to the garden, growing to a height of around 60cm. Frost tender, it prefers partial shade and very well drained soil.

Sedum & Aeonium Schwarzkopf(websize).jpgSedum Mexicana


From a broad genus of fleshy succulents, this mat forming perennial is great as a ground cover in rock gardens and borders. Fully frost hardy it enjoys full sun and thrives in any well drained soil. The dryer the conditions the better the colour, varying from lime green to yellow making it an exciting contrast plant for your garden. It is easily propagated by dividing clumps. An easy care, weed suppressing ground cover.

Phormium Black RagePhorm. Black Rage for website.jpg


New variety of dwarf flax, grown for their bold, sword-shaped leaves.

It has rich, smokey, dark-grey leaves, with undersides in distinct silvery blue. Holds its colour well and foliage weeps to form a stylish clump. Bold flowers on stems attract native birds in summer. Grows to 80 cm. . Frost hardy. Requires sun and moist but well drained soil. Propagate by division or seed in spring.

This wonderful new plant creates a striking accent plant in the garden and is useful in floral artwork.