Traditional Suburban Garden

The following are a series of before and after photos of the transformation of a standard suburban garden

Original view across front of house.JPG            New garden across the lawn.jpg

The new owners of this tidy new brick home wanted to have a traditional garden and were unhappy with the expanses of paving through the back yard and the limited planting left by the previous owners.

Original all over paving.JPG             Across the new lawn.JPG

As keen gardeners they required traditional garden beds with a mix of flowering trees, shrubs, roses and perennials.

New garden in front of bay window.jpg            New garden looking back to letterbox.jpg

A lawn in the back yard was also essential to soften and cool what was a dry hot uninviting space.

Original patio no lawn.JPG            New patio and lawn.JPG

A simple pergola and a water feature selected by the owners were incorporated into the design as focal points for the garden.

New pergola and garden seat.JPG            Water Feature.jpg

Attention to detail giving traditional accents and focal points in the garden keep the garden interesting year round.

Brick and wrought iron front wall.jpg            Wheelbarrow with annuals.jpg            Rose detail in a traditional garden.jpg